CAD Design

Our CAD Design Technicians are capable of producing intricate CAD Drawings from Sample Components, Customer Descriptions or Sketches. 

Use of the latest version of SolidWorks allows us to produce complex 3D Models and Assemblies which in-turn enables us to prototype any new design or requirement as well as offering the ability to amend the designs of existing components.

We actively maintain a drawing library of our clients’ drawings and, where possible list the machinery name, number and any revisions to existing designs, enabling our clients to request repeat orders without the hassle of repeatedly dispatching sample parts.

The 3D Models which we produce can be 3D Printed and the CAD Drawings we produce can be easily integrated into our CNC Machinery to further improve our accuracy.

 Why not have a look through our gallery of some of our 3D models as well as their finish machined counterparts.

 View our Quality Policy.

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