R-TEX GS Aluminium Encoder Jaw Couplings

R-TEX GS Aluminium Encoder Jaw couplings are the three-piece assembly of 2 Aluminium hubs and one Special Grade Polyurethane Spider. The complete coupling comprises of three pieces (2 hubs and a Pluyurethane insert) which are press fit co-axially assembled, ensuring tight tolerance, anti-backlash coupling. After assembly these couplings become sufficiently flexible, positive motion and power transmission and are a failsafe design. Due to a polyurethane spider, both the metallic hubs are separated from each other to avoid there being any physical contact. This helps to avoid the electrical and frequency isolation of both the connected driver and driven elements.

Key Features

• Hubs are available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel
• Sizes from 9 to 38 are made from Aluminium Alloy material
• Sizes from 42 to 65 are made from Steel Material
• Hubs are manufactured with high precision machining
• The jaws are machined with concave shape and entry chamfer for easy assembly
• Allows for better angular, parallel and axial misalignment
• Hubs are available in un-bored, pilot bored, finish bore & key-ways
• Different styles of clamping arrangements as per customer requirements

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