Pilot Bore Sprockets

Pilot bore roller chain sprockets are designed with a basic pilot hole, which is ideal for machining to your required shaft sizes plus keyway or grub screws if needed. They are also referred to as ‘Rough Stock Bore Sprockets’, they can be secured onto the shaft using a bushing or a hub.

The Sprocket is supplied with a bore that must be re-bored to fit the customer’s shaft size. Pilot bore Sprockets are available in Simplex, Duplex and Triplex. These types of pilot bore sprockets are ideal for unusual shaft diameters, or tapered shafts, or shafts with steps or non-standard keyways.

We also manufacture quadruple up to 60″ diameter. Boring, Keywaying, Splining and Broaching facilities are available, please check out our In-House Engineering section of this website. Please Click Here to email us with drawings or samples of any special requirements.

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