No Fun at the Fair…

A fairground ride near Manchester airport was out of commission due to a broken gearbox. The gearbox had failed because it’s housing was cracked and the oil had leaked out and the Worm wheel had worn. This meant that there was no drive and the ride was out of action.

The gearbox was practically un-repairable, the housing was cracked and there was next to nothing left of the Worm wheel and all the bearings were in bits.

The delivery for a replacement gearbox was 3 months from Italy which meant that unless this gearbox was repaired there would be no rides and Paul the owner of the ride, would be losing money.

Arrow Engineering were able to sleeve the bore of the housing, gear cut a new Worm wheel, replace all the bearings and seals, which enabled the drive to be back up and running.

The repaired gear box kept them going for 3 months whilst a new gear box was on back order with Italy.

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