Anti-Vibration Mounts

Selection of the correct mount to suit any application can be quite frustrating. That’s why our vast range of Aroflex / Polybond Anti-Vibration Mounts gives you such a wide choice. We offer many types and sizes of mounts to help solve most vibration isolation requirements.

Anti-Vibration Mounts help isolate noise and dampen vibration. They are used on Earth Moving Machinery, Conveyors, fans and pumps, Combi-Mount PC and PS ranges are used in large generator sets, marine engines, Compressors and Pumps. The Core Mount range are failsafe mounts for use in engines, transmissions and cabs in Earth Moving and Material Handling Vehicles.

Also used in suspending mobile bulk container bodies. P type rubber 2 bolt flanged mounts, are a low-cost mount for use with fans, compressors and pumps. Sandwich Mounts and slotted bobbin mounts are available for Vibratory Road Rolling equipment. Other standard mounts include Metal to rubber bonded bushes, Bobbin mounts, Double U Shear Mounts, Machinery Isolators and Spring mounts.

Our application engineers are also available for advice and assistance in testing / trailing products. Please contact us if you require any help.

For detailed information on Anti-Vibration Mounts please Click Here.

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