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This gallery highlights a selection of manufacturing jobs successfully completed by Arrow Engineering.

 If it’s obsolete or no longer made our in-house engineering team can possibly manufacture a new part or modify an existing one. With in-house engineering facilities Arrow can manufacture one-off or large batches of gears and engineered parts.

Our CAD Technicians are capable of producing intricate CAD Drawings from Sample Components, Customer Descriptions or Sketches. Why not have a look through our gallery of some of our 3D models as well as their finish machined counterparts.

Arrow Engineering is available 24/7 all year round to keep your production line running, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Arrow Engineering's Job of The Week - 16/09/22

Featured Jobs

11/03/22 – Gears manufactured for Butter Churner

20/05/22 – The Manufacture of Conveyor Gears

01/04/22 – 140 diameter Product Support manufactured 

12/09/22 – Manufacture 2 Off Parallel Brackets and 2 Off Split Clamp Brackets As Per Sample

01/09/22 – Manufacture Mixer Shaft with 95mm Dia. Boss, Modify Seal Housing Flange to suit, Manufacture New Split PTFE Bush

15/04/22 – Manufacture 1 off shaft with internal spline as per sample, from 1 solid piece

30/06/22 – Manufacture 2 pairs off acetal gears

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