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This gallery highlights a selection of manufacturing jobs successfully completed by Arrow Engineering.

 If it’s obsolete or no longer made our in-house engineering team can possibly manufacture a new part or modify an existing one. With in-house engineering facilities Arrow can manufacture one-off or large batches of gears and engineered parts.

Our CAD Technicians are capable of producing intricate CAD Drawings from Sample Components, Customer Descriptions or Sketches. Why not have a look through our gallery of some of our 3D models as well as their finish machined counterparts.

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Arrow Engineering's Job of The Week - 14/01/23

A bakery experienced a conveyor breakdown where the belt had tracked to one side causing it to snag and jam, breaking the Mesh belt support rods. Arrow Engineering were called in on Friday at 5pm with the need to get the drive back up and running. As a quick fix a 295mm Acetal disc was  turned and bolted to the existing hub, which stopped the belt riding up and over the conveyor wheel, 40 rods were turned and supplied over the weekend and the belt was back up and running for Monday.

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15/04/22 – Manufacture 1 off shaft with internal spline as per sample, from 1 solid piece

01/09/22 – Manufacture Mixer Shaft with 95mm Dia. Boss, Modify Seal Housing Flange to suit, Manufacture New Split PTFE Bush

30/06/22 – Manufacture 2 pairs off acetal gears

31/10/22 – A Gin manufacturer in Lancashire experienced a production shutdown because two spring loaded Platform assemblies had seized and jammed the filling machine. The internal shafts of the machine had also bent. The breakdown occurred at 8pm on Monday and was taken back to Arrow’s workshop. Luckily, Arrow had spares in stock from a previous repair. The assemblies consisted of a 3 ft compressed spring, locked in with an end plate. Great care needed to be taken because when these are taken apart the spring fly’s out with great force. New end plates were manufactured and assembled with shafts, bearings and seals from stock to make the broken platforms like new. The Filling machine was back up and running by 8pm on Tuesday, producing one of the company’s’ new Alcohol-Free Gin’s.

11/11/22 – A Soup, Canning, Filling Machine had seized due to a bearing failure, which caused the Worm Wheel Gear to collapse. The machine was collected and taken back to our Workshop on Friday evening. It was stripped down; five imperial angular contact bearings were changed and a new Worm Wheel manufactured and fitted.

The Canning, Filling Machine was delivered back on Monday afternoon and by the evening was producing canned foods again.

09/01/23 -A leading biscuit manufacturing company held their annual maintenance shutdown over the Christmas holiday period and whilst their production staff were off decided to strip and replace a large shaft mount gearbox.

Unfortunately, the new replacement gearbox did not have the same diameter shaft as the new gearbox, which meant that the existing shaft needed to be built up or new sleeves making. Upon inspection it was revealed that the shaft and keyway was badly worn. It was decided that new sleeves would be made and the worn shaft turned down to suit, re-keyed and new sleeves manufactured to suit.

Arrow’s Engineers needed to work through the Christmas period, including Bank Holidays, the job was eventually finished on Sunday 1st of January 2023, 10pm and delivered back at 7am on Monday 2nd January.

On top of this a large Rubber Coated Drive roller was also repaired same day and delivered (50 miles) and delivered back at 7pm.

Bespoke Mixer c/w 16 segments manufactured for a local Bakery – Arrow’s Engineering job of the week is a special Impellor / mixer for use in a Bakery Food processing application. A 3D printed prototype was manufactured and presented for approval before making the new part. A piece of aluminium was turned to size then placed on a rotary table, using a 3mm slot drill to mill out 16 parallel segments.

The Milling head was then tipped over and a 45o angle was machined on one side of each segment. It was then tipped over to the opposite side and a 10o angle machined on the opposite side of each segment. Four support legs were made, drilled and tapped and fitted to it’s base.

11/03/22 – Gears manufactured for Butter Churner

20/05/22 – The Manufacture of Conveyor Gears

21/10/22 – A Biscuit factory experienced a breakdown over the weekend where the bearing journal of a Dough Feed Roller had worn and the weld which held the through shaft in place had fractured, the roller was over half a tonne in weight. This meant that they had no drive and their main conveyor was out of production. The Roller was collected at midnight, repaired, returned on Sunday afternoon at 4pm and the bakery was back up and running and producing biscuits again.

12/09/22 – Manufacture 2 Off Parallel Brackets and 2 Off Split Clamp Brackets As Per Sample

01/04/22 – 140 diameter Product Support manufactured 

25-11-22 – Manufacture 2.5 metre long shaft. 50 mm diameter, stepped down to 35 mm diameter on one end. 24 Keys in 50 mm diameter and 1 key in 35 mm end.

We regularly make special sprockets for modular belts because they are on a long lead time from Germany or Italy. These sprockets were made to sample for a local Bakery.

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