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Spacer & Snap Wrap Kits – The L Jaw Coupling is the most popular coupling in the World. It is a simple low cost product with many advantageous features. It is machined all over, making it inherently balanced. It is available in standard L Jaw / Spider insert type or SW Snap Wrap Type insert, enabling easy assembly / dis-assembly. This low cost product is also available in a Spacer version to suit both ANSI and IEC Pump / Motor DBSE. Boring, Keywaying, Splining and Broaching facilities are available, please check out our prices in the In-House Engineering section of this website. Please send drawings or samples of any special requirements.

Spacer & Snap Wrap Kits Standard Features:

• Simple in construction
• No need of lubrication
• Low initial & operational cost
• Provides torsional vibration isolation and damping
• No metal-to-metal contact, hence electrically insulated
• Endures momentary overload or overspeed
• Easy to assemble and dismantle (even without disturbing shafts)
• Permits angular, axial, parallel or combination of these misalignments
• All metal parts are coated with anti-corrosive agents
• Can be modified as per customer’s specific requirements

The SW kit comprises of a SW ring, a Snap wrap & a set of screws & washers. For more information, please Click Here to view the catalogue, alternatively please Click Here to send us an email enquiry. Note: Power ratings are based on Service Factor 1.

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