Jaw Couplings

Jaw couplings have been designed to act as a type of motion control to transmit force while restraining vibration motions. At Arrow Engineering we offer a wide range of jaw couplings, including different types. Below we have explained the different types of jaw couplings and their applications to help you make you find the right jaw couplings for your requirements.

Jaw HRC / RFC Couplings
General purpose low cost lobe shaped spider couplings | 8 sizes available | Torque rating up to 7,200 Nm | bore range 8 – 115 mm | Easy installation | Accommodates Misalignment | The inter-linking hubs act as an additional safe guard giving extra protection against failure | Interchangeable and compatible with leading makes of couplings

L Jaw / SW (Snap Wrap)
17 sizes available, torque rating up to 4,308 Nm. (80 Shore hardness insert) |
Bore size range 3 – 115 mm Z Torque ratings can be increased by using 92 shore hardness inserts

The SW snap wrap design is a modification of the worlds most popular coupling, the L Jaw. The replacement of the standard L type insert with a split inset that is fitted form the outside of the coupling. This improved design feature enables maintenance of coupling spares without having to remove or re-align hubs, maintenance can be carried out in five minutes.

R-Tex Jaw Couplings
Four hub materials, Cast aluminim, Cast iron, nodular iron, steel to suit different applications | Sixteen Coupling sizes | Bores up to 7.875 inches | Nominal torque up to 309,750 lb | Lube Free | Interlocking jaws allow safe shutdown | Maintenance free open design allows for visual inspection | Allows for angular misalignment without edge pressure | Durable with the use of urethane and hytrel spiders | Long lasting | Eltrical isolation prevents electrical surge with urethane spiders | Dampens vibration

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