Shaft Fixings & Locking Devices

Here is a list of features that our shaft fixings & locking devices can offer:

Taper Bushes
4th hole added as standard for ‘3 hole’ bushes for optimised balancing | Simple and easy to install and remove | Both metric and imperial bore are available no need for re-boring | Proven and tested bush system | Can fit standard shafts | High quality screws are used | No requirement of keys for light duty applications | Higher maximum bores on short length bushes | Instructions include with packaging

Used to adapt pilot bored products to taper bush use | No need for drilling, tapping and taper bore | Plain outside diameter or keyed are available | Designed to conform to international standards

Ability to accept taper bush | An easy and convenient way in which certain products such as fan rotors, impellors etc can be converted to accept a taper bush without the need for welding

Made from low carbon steel and manufactured to accept taper bushes | A Easier solution of welding hubs into fan rotors, plate sprockets etc | Available in three different designs

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