Metric Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Metric single row deep groove ball bearings are one of the most economical and commonly used bearing types and are used in a wide range of applications. This type of Bearing is manufactured in a broad range of sizes and is available in a choice of different operating conditions – Open, Shielded & Sealed. We offer either branded or budget types. A C3 fit is available which gives a greater clearance than standard bearings to allow for expansion due to heat or high running speeds. Clearance is the tolerance between the inner, outer race and rolling elements of the bearing. Please Click Here for more information regarding the bearing suffixes and identifying bearings.

Application examples include: Electric motors, Pumps, Food & Marine Industry, Agricultural machinery, General machinery, Industrial gearboxes, Domestic appliances (Washing Machines) etc.

For a step-by-step guide to measuring a bearing Click Here. If you need any more information then please Contact Us.

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