Imperial Rotary Shaft Seals

Imperial Rotary Shaft Seals provide sealing and wiping functionality to rotating movements. Their two essential functions are to help retain the bearing or system lubricant to avoid any leaks and the second function is to prevent any contamination to the system from external particles or from environmental impacts.

Notes for the installation of a rotary shaft seal: If the seal is being fitted to original equipment you may have some influence over the shaft and housing bore finish, but if you are replacing a worn seal, you still need to take into account the condition of these 2 essential parts. Check for sharp edges and burrs – particularly on the shaft and housing chambers or you could ruin the seal before you start up.

At Arrow Engineering we provide a selection of imperial rotary shaft seals at various sizes and price points. If you are unsure which size to select before placing your order, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for more information.

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