Lube-Free Endurance Chain

Advantages of Lube-Free Endurance Chain:

Due to the special pin and sintered bush, Endurance chain will give up to 35 x greater service life compared with standard oiled roller chains. In comparison to other maintenance free chains, Endurance will give up to 5 x greater service life. There is no need for lubrication after installation. The chain bush is manufactured from a sintered metal and treated with a special lubricant. Chain pins are manufactured from a specially coated hardened steel alloy giving an extremely low wear rate and excellent bearing performance. The Tensile strength of Endurance is equivalent of another branded premium.

All Endurance chains gear with the equivalent standard wheels. Endurance transmission chain areas of application;
• Chain speed up to 2.5 meters per second
• Temperature ranges from freezing point to +100 degrees Celsius, up to 200 with special lubricant.
• Ideal for the food industry
• Electronics industry
• Packaging and printing
• Textile industry
• Any application where oil may cause a problem with contaminating the product.

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