ATL Friction Disc Torque Limiter

ATL Friction Disc Torque Limiter is suitable for use in Sprockets, Plate wheels (Simplex, Duplex, Triplex), Gears, Pulleys or Flexible Couplings.

The spring-loaded design enables present torque limits by adjusting the locknut which alters the spring force to suit the specified min / max torque ratings. ATL Friction Disc Torque Limiter For use in Conveyors, Mechanical Handling equipment and Agricultural Machinery.

This low-cost product will prevent unnecessary drive damage and eliminate machinery downtime. Boring, Keywaying, Splining and Broaching facilities are available, please check our In-House Engineering section of this website.

Please Click Here to email drawings or samples of any special requirements. Please consult the Arrow engineering’s sales team for further advice.

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