RRS Complete Spacer Couplings

RRS & SWQ Jaw Spacer Couplings, are a simple low-cost spacer coupling suitable for most end suction back pull-out pumps. This simple, effective design is inherently balanced, providing smooth running, good misalignment and good dampening characteristics. Jaw-Flex Couplings are suitable for general engineering applications requiring reliable power transmission, even under conditions of shaft misalignments, which are often unavoidable.

Aroflex is the only manufacturer which produces its own rubber elements in a whole range of compounds, by conducting specific research and development into rubber engineering technology. By combining the benefits of this technology with mechanical expertise we can optimise power transmission solutions.

Full laboratory control and a wide range of specialised equipment ensure high quality and consistency in product performance. Specialised compounds can be developed in our laboratories to meet specific requirements. For more information, please Click Here to view the catalogue, alternatively Contact Us for more information.

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