Complete R-TEX Jaw Couplings

Complete R-Tex Jaw Couplings Hub consists of 2x Pilot Bored or Taper Bored Hubs and 1x Polyurethane Insert.

R-TEX Jaw Couplings Selection

Based on Power and Speed
• Step 1) Service Factor, from the table below, select the service factor that is appropriate for the application.
• Step 2) Design Power, multiply the absorbed power, kW, of the driven machine by the service factor, from step 1 to obtain the design power.
• Step 3) R-TEX coupling size selection, refer to table 2 on page 252 and select either the standard 92 shore spider or the higher torque 98 shore spider. Read down the left-hand vertical column to the required speed. (Interpolate if the exact speed is not listed). Read horizontally across on the speed line until a power equal to or in excess of the design power, from step 2) is reached. Read vertically to the top of the column to obtain the correct size of R-TEX Coupling.
• Step 4) Bore Dimensions, check that the selected coupling will fit in the shafts
from the Bore dimension tables.

Based on IEC Electric Motors – Click here for the IEC Page

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