Rod Ends & Spherical Plain Bearings

Here you will find our range of Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings, as well as having named brands we also have many budget brands available also. Rod Ends are made up of an eye shaped head with essential shank which forms a housing for a Spherical Plain Bearing.

Rod Ends are available with female (internal) or male (external) threaded shaft attached to it – we also offer Doubled Ended Rod Ends. They are often used in Boats, Cars, Motorbikes and other Road use applications, but are also often found in numerous types of industrial equipment. Spherical Plain Bearings are suitable for Agricultural equipment, Construction & Mining, Heavy-Duty applications, Off-highway vehicles and many other forms of machinery.

These bearings are available in standard industrial bore sizes. Spherical Plain Bearings are suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between the shaft and housing have to be accommodated. They will typically accommodate a rotating shaft within the inner ring, allowing it to not only rotate, but also move at an angle. Please Click Here for more information regarding the bearing suffixes and identifying bearings.

For a step-by-step guide to measuring a bearing Click Here. If you need any expert advice on which bearing to select or any other queries then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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