Complete Tyre Couplings

Complete tyre couplings can transmit high torque from 6 pole motors.  can accomodate up to 4 degrees of angular misaligment which can go up to reach the maximum in all planes between two shafts. the tyre has the ability to be changed without moving the prime mover or driven machine.

The tyre being on the outside allows quick inspection and easy to detect wear. With little to no backlash makes tyre couplings ideal for reversing duties as the load carrying cords are wound in both directions.

They are available with fire resistant and anti static (FRAS) tyres.

no lubrication needed.

Taper bush and pilot bore flanges are available as well.

Boring, Keywaying, Splining and Broaching facilities are available, please check out our prices in the In-House Engineering section of this website. Please Click Here email us with drawings or samples of any special requirements.

For help selecting the right Coupling suited to you, please Click Here to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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