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5016 PILOT BORE CHAIN COUPLING – Chain Couplings consist of two sprockets that are coupled with a length of Duplex Chain wrapped around them and connected with a duplex link. Being all metallic they are much stronger than similar elastomeric couplings. The sprockets have hardened teeth to provide extra durability and strength.? Smaller, more compact couplings can usually be selected because the torque capacity exceeds the normal torque transmitted by the largest shaft size specified (max bore) that the coupling can accommodate. Sixteen different sizes are available up to 150mm maximum bore and 17,800 Nm Torque Rating

For ease of assembly / dis-assembly, mounting and inspection, both drive and driven shafts can be coupled or un-coupled by detaching a single chain link. Easy maintenance can be carried out and rotation of drive can be checked without damaging the driven equipment. The coupling is protected with a split Aluminium Casing, with seals and gaskets. Coupling life is extended by keeping the drive lubricated. This can be removed by undoing the cap heads on either side of the coupling, you can then access the duplex chain.

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