Biscuit production back up and running for the New Year

A leading biscuit manufacturing company held their annual maintenance shutdown over the Christmas holiday period and whilst their production staff were off decided to strip and replace a large shaft mount gearbox.

Unfortunately, the new replacement gearbox did not have the same diameter shaft as the new gearbox, which meant that the existing shaft needed to be built up or new sleeves making. Upon inspection it was revealed that the shaft and keyway was badly worn. It was decided that new sleeves would be made and the worn shaft turned down to suit, re-keyed and new sleeves manufactured to suit.

Arrow’s Engineers needed to work through the Christmas period, including Bank Holidays, the job was eventually finished on Sunday 1st of January 2023, 10pm and delivered back at 7am on Monday 2nd January.

On top of this a large Rubber Coated Drive roller was also repaired same day and delivered (50 miles) and delivered back at 7pm.

Shaft mount gearbox shaft
Large shaft mount gearbox
Making sleeves for shaft mount gearbox
Manufacture of sleeves for shaft mount gearbox video
Keyway gearbox shaft part 01 video
Keyway gearbox shaft part 02 video
Manufacture large key for gear box shaft
Job Done Shaft mount Geabox repair and new sleeves
Large Rubber Coated Roller Repair
Part 01
Large Rubber Coated Roller Repair
Part 02
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