Spacer Couplings

At Arrow Engineering Components we stock a wide selection of spacer couplings. Our stock includes metallic disc spacer couplings, Nupex NPX spacer couplings, and RRS & SQW Jaw spacer couplings. Below you can explore our range and find the right spacer couplings for your requirements, plus Hubs, Flanges, and spacer kits.

Within pump design, a spacer coupling is used to allow easy access to maintain End Suction Back Pullout Pumps. The spacer couplings create enough space between the shaft ends of the driver and the pump to be pulled back for necessary maintenance. This maintenance can include change seals or impellors. All spacer couplings have a specific clearance between the shaft ends D.B.S.E. (Distance Between the Shaft Ends). The D.B.S.E. is an industry-standard usually 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, or 250mm. However the American National Standards Institute uses inch sizes that range from 5.½”, 7.½” etc.

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